Spectrack (Pty) Ltd – PSIRA NUMBER: 2921381
Ben Calitz – PSIRA NUMBER: 329871

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POPI ACT 4 of 2013 South Africa: Spectrack Pty Ltd services falls under Section 6 of the act. Read more here:  https://spectrack.co.za/popi/


If you receive any information regarding Mr. Ben Calitz and/or Spectrack that causes you concern, contact Mr. Ben Calitz directly and do not respond in any manner on any matter if you have not established the facts.  Disinformation may cause unnecessary time delays and is not conducive to investigations and clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of information that accompanies investigations, individuals who are being investigated or traced are very likely to use social media and other communication channels to discredit Spectrack and its employees/representatives in order to create distrust and/or avoid consequences. 

Take due note that incorrect information, slander or any other information that may jeopardize investigations, that is posted/communicated electronically, may lead to the institution of civil and/or criminal proceedings.  It is of the utmost importance to make sure that information posted is factual and true.

While the internet provides a lot of valuable information, it is also a platform that distributes a lot of false information.

Your own research discretion and discernment are imperative when choosing what and what not to believe.



“Spectrack” requires a formal mandate with detailed information and instructions upon appointment.

The content of the cases and all communications (WhatsApp’s, Emails, Telephone Calls, Recordings, Voice Notes, or any other forms of communication) between Spectrack (including authorized representatives) and its Clients are strictly private & confidential. Information collected during the cause of an investigation are intended only for the parties involved and for the purpose it is intended for. Information shared, even prior to an official appointment, are strictly forbidden.

Once there is an exchange of information, both the Receiving party and the Disclosing party are bound by confidentiality. The obligation towards confidentiality remains and is not terminated by the decision not to proceed with services, or completion of services, or the termination of services prior to the completion thereof.

The name of Mr. Ben Calitz and/or “Spectrack” may not be used for personal gain, as a means of threat or to intimidate or to achieve any other means. It is reiterated that information remains confidential at all times.

Breach of confidentiality agreement, or the abuse of information as stated in point 4 above, may result in the immediate termination of the mandate without any refund. The right to institute any legal remedy at any time if and when required to so, is also reserved.

All finances must be discussed with Mr. Ben Calitz.

The fee structure and finances are determined by factors including but not limited to Communications, Consultations, Risk Analysis and Travelling /Accommodation.      


Once all required information and documentation as requested has been received, Spectrack will proceed with the investigation.

Unforeseen circumstances, e.g., Load Shedding, serious violent crime situations (like looting) and the closing of the government infrastructures – courts, police stations and municipalities or government institutions, may cause cases and investigations to take longer than usual to complete.


Mr. Ben Calitz
Spectrack (Pty) Ltd
Track & Tracing Unit
Safety/Risk Analysis Unit
Blasting/Explosive Expert
Security Specialist
Cash In Transit-007
Response Security Officer-006
Mobile: +27 84 473 0126
Email: ben@spectrack.co.za

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