Terms and Conditions - Modern Technology Devices

  1. Devices are set according to the specifications of the client;
  2. Alerts are set according ot the preferences of the client and is sent to the nominated email addresses as provided by the client;
  3. Low battery-alerts are also sent to the clients and it is the sole responsibility of clients to see that batteries are replaced with prescribed the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries for the device – every device takes three batteries;
  4. Usage of non-prescribed batteries may result in malfunction of the device;
  5. Low batteries compromise the alert ability of the devices and will result in rendering assets untraceable;
  6. Spectrack cannot be held responsible in the following instances:
    • Water damage;
    • Static damage;
    • Loss of devices due to poor or improper fitment;
    • Loss of devices due to flat batteries;
    • Malfunction due to usage of non-prescribed batteries;
    • Damage due toman-handling of the device
  7. Devices may not be used other than the purpose it is set up for on the platform as different assets require different settings;
  8. In the event that transfer to another asset is required, Spectrack needs to be informed accordingly to change the settings on the device;
  9. Exchange of batteries need to be communicated to Spectrack to see that the device properly connects and commits on the platform. This need to be done before the device is closed and re-fitted with the asset;
  10. The responsibility to maintain the device in a good and proper condition vest in the client;
  11. The responsibility to properly fit the device in the asset and keep the location of the device unrevealed, vest in the client;
  12. Installation and fitment of the device shall be done by Spectrack, if so requested;
  13. Usage of the app is done on the client’s own responsibility and any change of settings done by the client itself which interferes with the proper working of the device or communications that must be sent out to the nominated email-addresses, indemnifies Spectrack and its’ employees from any damages that may emanate to the client as a result thereof;
  14. Physical tampering with devices is not allowed;
  15. Tampering with settings on the platform (mobile or otherwise) which will incur damage for the client or lead to Spectrack not being able to recover the asset, indemnifies Spectrack and its employees from any damages whatsoever, as well as any legal costs that may incur as a result thereof.